Opting for a hot caffeinated beverage is so 2012. We’ve moved on from
lattes and short blacks. The new craze is cold brew/drip; both
solid choices, especially around summertime.

Why, you ask?

Because it draws out less oils and acids from the beans compared to a hot version. The cold extraction method allows for a lighter and
more floral drink which results in less bitterness. The slow process involved in the creation of a cold coffee allows for higher caffeine content as well, Bonus! 

Which brings us to the next question, what is the difference between cold drip and brew?


So here they are, in simplest form!

- Cold brew is generally a lot lighter when compared to drip which is more intense and concentrated. 

- Cold drip requires timed contact between coffee and water. Compare this to the stew like technique which is cold brew. 

- When talking about Cold Drip, the fats and lipids that are contained in the coffee grind are stored in a separate vessel to that of the end product. Cold brew on the other hand contains all fats and lipids in the end product, this is less desirable. 

At Cold Drip Beverages, we utilise an in house designed cold drip method that results in an uber smooth, free from sediment end product that we know you will enjoy.